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Test at home and avoid the cost and time of a visit to the vet!  Our simple and accurate process is the same one used by vets for the last 30 years.   We process the sample within 24 hours of receipt, then provide written results that same day.  Veterinarians recommend testing for worms at least once per year.  The Equine Worm Test ensures the health and peak performance of your horse or other farm animals   We identify the type and quantity of worms so that you can use the correct de-worming product.  Once the worms are eradicated, you save money on feed and de-wormers, and your pet will feel and look better.  Just collect a sample and mail it in! This test is for:  horses, llamas, alpacas, goats, sheep, and even camels- that's right, we tested a herd of camels from Mexico!!  We test for roundworms, pinworms, threadworms, coccidia, large and small strongyles, tapeworms, stomach worms, and bots.   For an additional $20 we test for blood in the stool.  For an additional $25 we use the Baerman technique for lungworms. For an additional $20 we will perform a Modified McMasters test. 

Pet Home Tests for Equine

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